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  • Human Resources and Contact Centers

    By CrysTelCall On Outsourcing Comments December 02, 2013

    Human Resources and Contact Centers
    Human Resources can be a tough and expensive task for any institution. A company simply cannot function without an HR department for various reasons. But with the right tools, process and people it can be done and done well.

    Being in an industry with relatively high turnover, we at CrysTelCall have developed a number of methods to employ good talent and retain our employees by nurturing their growth within the company. However on many previous occasions due to landing of big projects, we were required to recruit a large number of people within very short durations, this is why invested in a dedicated career portal, where all vacancies are constantly updated and posted although this simplified the process of hiring, filtering through the applications and managing the ever-growing team can be extensive work.

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    But as our company grows new systems are being introduced to better manage the workload and quality of employees, and the great advantage of applying these methods at a contact center is that this gained knowledge can be outsourced and greatly lower any company’s costs.

    CrysTelCall can offer low cost alternatives for dealing with your employees information that are usually handled by the HR department. This can provide many benefits to both the employers and employees. This will free up time for your HR manager to address more strategic business and HR planning issues. In addition, employees can benefit because they are able to get assistance immediately.

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