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  • How to Handle Christmas Shoppers in the Middle East

    By CrysTelCall On Customer Experience Comments December 21, 2013

    How to Handle Christmas Shoppers in the Middle East

    Christmas is just around the corner and although Christmas in the Middle East maybe different than other countries around the world one thing remains the same, people go out and spend money and purchase gifts for their loved ones.  So really our advice here can be applied on any seasonal occasion that companies face with a high flux of seasonal shoppers and what you can do to accommodate this increase in demand.

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    As in any seasonal occasion, retailers and service providers can expect a storm of requests, demands and traffic. So what do you do to handle it? 

    Stock up

    Depending what services and products you provide you always should be ready, if you need to hire more temporary workers then go ahead and do that. If you sell goods then you need to stock up on your inventory. Customers will not appreciate it if they can’t find what they’re looking for.


    Leading up to the season you should have a clear strategy on how you’re going to handle the added pressure. And you should have your premises running at 100%, if any area of your shop or office needs maintenance then go ahead and do that before the season. It’s very difficult to accommodate demanding clients when your staff has to keep working through mazes of a messy or dysfunctional workplace.


    Regardless of the type of business you run your staff should be trained specifically for this time of the year and they should know to expect more working hours. How to handle additional workload, how to handle cash registers, how to deal with very unique cases, and clearly communicate your policies with the customers. Remember shoppers in a stressful shopping season are not very logical and tend to have very unreasonable demands. They might think:

    ''If I change my mind, I can get a refund''


    ''I can get my money back if a delivery doesn't arrive on time''

    To avoid such cases your policies have to be very clear to customers and your staff should very clearly state them to every purchasing customer.

    The Aftermath

    Following the spike in demand, you should expect to see a number of customers inquiring about their purchases, especially if they’ve received them as gifts. An easy way to deal with this is to setup a customer service support hotline, in order to provide quick and easy answers, you would also be able to get customer feedback that will help in future decision making. Setting up a support service frees up your staff to focus on their daily duties and core business. 

    Once all the season is done, you can evaluate and take learnings from issues or successes that you encountered and make sure to apply these learnings for upcoming stressful shopping seasons.

    We hope that was helpful, and we wish you a very merry Christmas!

    What are some of the stories that happened with you during a busy shopping season? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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