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  • 4 Tips on How to Use Social Media for Marketing Purposes

    By CrysTelCall On Technology Comments February 08, 2014

    4 Tips on How to Use Social Media for Marketing Purposes

    No one can argue with the fact that advertising and promotions are key ingredients for business success. Whether you're starting your own business, or you're the marketing director for a big company, you know that advertising a certain brand or service will increase the consumers' awareness of its existence. So, what better platform to use for marketing your business nowadays than social media networks? 

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) may seem as a tough task at first, however, if it's done correctly you'll find that it is a better way to reach the masses than any other marketing channel. 

    After coming up with a marketing plan or strategy, these tips will help start you off on the right track for managing social media for your business:

    1- Pick the right platforms

    Each social media platform requires a different marketing strategy and technique. For example, if your marketing plan does not include video content, there's no need to sign up for Youtube. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most prominent social media networks in the world right now, and they work as very powerful marketing tools. Signing up for a verified account will help establish authenticity of brands on Twitter, while creating a Facebook Business Fan Page will help in building a close relationship with audiences and customers. On the other hand, as the visual component is a key aspect of the social media marketing experience, image-centered platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest might come in handy, for these platforms help in showcasing the brand, its offers and personality.

    2- Update regularly

    The next step after setting up your social media profiles is actually engaging and participating in this network of profiles. The growth of your brand or business depends on dedication and time spent on building these social media profiles. Posting and tweeting information about offers or events, useful links, pictures of products, answers to FAQs; all fall under the category of relevant updating.

    3- Connect your platforms

    Connecting all your social media platforms together, will not only offer easier upkeep of all your social media profiles, but it can ensure that your audience and customers have access to all of your networks.

    4- Interaction is crucial

    Having a business profile on a social media network doesn’t mean that it's solely dedicated to posting and sharing information about the business or brand. Always remember to listen and interact with your audience. Taking customer feedback seriously will help in the process of improving your brand, product, event and so on.

    Need help with your social media efforts? Get in touch now!