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  • Why Every Customer Service Rep Should Read This Book

    By CrysTelCall On Customer Experience Comments February 22, 2014

    Why Every Customer Service Rep Should Read This Book

    Featured in every well-known bestseller list (including: The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal) and made number 1 on The New York Times Bestseller List for more than 20 consecutive weeks, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose invites its readers to find the right balance of profit, passion, and purpose not only in terms of business, but in life as well. 

    Written by Tony Hsieh, entrepreneur and CEO of Zappos, himself with absolutely no help from a ghostwriter, Delivering Happiness is divided into three sections. The first section is somewhat autobiographical as it traces Tony's childhood and his entrepreneurial ventures up to his involvement with Zappos, while the second section details the history of Zappos, its hits and misses, its focus on customer satisfaction, investment in employee development and explains Zappos' corporate culture and core values which he believes are sometimes the brand. 

    Tony provides us with some insight on the balance between life and business, as he says that "People wonder how Zappos employees somehow remember all 10 Core Values by heart. To me, it's simple...it's easy when your company's core values are ones that apply not to just work, but to life".

    Upon reading the book you'll find out that Tony's secret for his success in Zappos is a combination of creativity and thinking outside the box, and passionate attitude towards what he's doing. He also suggests some ways to improve customer service in any company, by making it a priority and not just a department and not measuring call duration and handing out scripts to customer service reps.

    The third and final section of the book (which we found the most exciting), is what distinguishes Delivering Happiness from your ordinary business book, as it delves in the science of happiness. Hsieh tries to tell us that the ultimate goal for anything in life and the answer to every "why", should be "happiness". All and all, Delivering Happiness is a true page-turner and by the final chapter it leaves its readers both inspired and motivated.  

    We cannot recommend this book enough, as we trust it will appeal to everyone. And will definitely give you tips and advice on how to provide the best customer service possible. Delivering Happiness IS the book to read! 

    If you'd like to join the thousands of people who were inspired, we encourage you to pick up your copy of the book today.