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  • 6 Items to leave off your Résumé

    By CrysTelCall On CrysTelCalling Comments February 24, 2014

    6 Items to leave off your Résumé

    When it comes to writing a résumé or a CV it's always a good idea to make sure it stands out among others', seeing that employers go through a ton of résumés and job applications each day. And since it is the most important document we present to the employer, a well-crafted and creative résumé can go a long way in landing you the job. Think of it as if you're trying to sell yourself on a piece of paper. 

    So, the question remains: Are there items so terrible they might send your résumé to the circular file? The answer is yes! What you don't include in your résumé is just as important as what you do include, so we came up with a list of items that are better left off your résumé:

    • Your photo.

    In your résumé, a picture is not worth a thousand words! Unless you're presenting it to a casting director, including a picture of yourself in your résumé will be frowned upon by employers and will also be considered unprofessional. Since your physical appearance has nothing to do with your ability to perform the job, we advise you to use that space for promoting your key skills and qualifications instead.

    • Extensive detail.

    Less is always more. The purpose of a résumé is highlighting your skills, field of education and career objectives; not tackling irrelevant or extensive details. Do leave out your age, race, religion and political affiliation, as they do not show off how a great candidate for the job you really are but take up valuable space and make you look like an amateur.

    • Unprofessional contact information.

    Before starting your job hunt, please take the time to change your E-mail address that you made when you were in seventh grade to a more professional one, because nothing looks more unprofessional on a résumé than "bad.4life@hotmail.com" in your contact information.

    • Distracting designs.

    There's a fine line between a memorable résumé design and a fifth grade art project! Keep it clean and easy to read or skim through, and by all means, avoid colored or perfumed paper, weird fonts, graphics, glitter or anything that will make you out as a rookie.

    • Irrelevant hobbies and achievements.

    Despite the fact that you're a winner of a pie-eating contest, a prom queen or a keen stamp collector might be a great conversation starter at a dinner party; it doesn't belong in your résumé. Please abstain from mentioning similar details in your résumé, and stick to the ones that might be relevant to the job you're applying for. 

    • Short-term jobs and positions.

    You need to be extra careful when you list your job history, about whether to mention short-term jobs or not, because it can backfire on you and make you look unstable even raise questions. It's ok however, to mention a short-term job if it was based on a contract or a project.

    When in doubt, always go for a short, simple and polished format and a content that will let your qualifications and skills stand out. Make sure your résumé is factually and grammatically mistake-free

    Once your résumé lands you the interview, the rest will be up to you! Make sure you check out our article on how to ace any interview.

    Need help in writing your résumé? Contact us and we'll help you.