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  • Technology: Between Emergence and Decline

    By CrysTelCall On Technology Comments February 26, 2014

    Technology: Between Emergence and Decline

    Now that we're in the age of computers, smartphones and digital money, and with more and more advances in the various fields of technology, it's getting relatively harder for us to keep up with all the new technological trends out there. Not only does this rapid and vast development in technology make way to even more advances in the field, it also renders other products and gadgets useless! 

    And since the past couple of years unveiled an array of incredible advances in technology, 2014 is no different. Here are three of the most innovative gadgets that today's technology has to offer:

    1- Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard (Celluon Magic Cube)

    Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard (Celluon Magic Cube)

    This revolutionary gadget may look like an ordinary QWERTY keyboard, but the truth is that there's nothing ordinary about it. Using optical recognition and laser projection technology, this pocket-sized virtual keyboard can be used for any device that operates Bluetooth HID, you can use it in complete darkness and it even produces real tapping sounds!  

    2- Stick-N-Find


    Aren't you sick of wasting 20 minutes every morning while searching for your car keys, wallet, sunglasses etc.? Well, from now on Stick-N-Find will help you keep track of your belongings by attaching to them a quarter-sized GPS tracker that will send signals of their location to your smartphone.

    3- Window Cling iPhone Solar Charger

    cell solar chargers

    This creative device is designed to convert solar energy to electric energy by simply attaching the cling to any window, so you can charge your iPhone (without any USB hubs or power plugs or sockets) and stay green at the same time!

    On the other hand, in addition to floppy-discs, VCRs and dial-up internet; here are three products that tech experts predict will disappear in the next couple of years:

    1- Blu-ray and DVD players

    Blue ray dvd player

    We all saw it coming! With Netflix and the rise of HDTVs that support a USB port, no media player medium is needed nowadays, which makes DVD players the new VCRs.

    2- Stand-alone GPS units


    Because millions of smartphones that offer GPS with access to mapping softwares are being sold around the world, in addition to the "relatively" new rise of GPS in-car systems, stand-alone GPS units are doomed to fade away.

    3- Car keys

    car keys

    The benefits of smart technologies that come with new cars like keyless entry, push-to-start and remote start, have without a doubt, pushed new car buyers away from using physical car keys.

    Do you have any predictions about gadgets that are destined to disappear? Share them with us in the comments section below.