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  • Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

    By CrysTelCall On Technology Comments March 06, 2014

    Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

    It doesn’t take a marketing expert to know that Social Media is the best way to promote for your product, brand or service; as it is easily accessible, inexpensive, reaches a wider variety of audiences from around the world, and gives way to more interaction between the brand and its customers. All you really have to do is create attractive or catchy content that will encourage your customers to share it with their family and friends on their own profiles. 

    We have discussed in a recent article how to use social media networks to serve marketing purposes and increase awareness and exposure of a brand, and we've talked about some important things that you need to keep in mind before developing an online marketing strategy. On the top of the list was the call for identifying the different platforms and choosing the ones that are right for your brand or business. 

    So we've decided to dedicate this article for exploring a few of the most popular social media networks, and showing you why and how each one can be used as an effective marketing tool. But before you embark on a mission to utilize social media for business marketing, you should first decide on a list of goals you want to achieve. Some popular goals may be:

    • Website Traffic
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Brand Exposure
    • Customer Engagement

    The next step should be choosing the platform that will showcase your brand best and help you reach your target audience to achieve the goals we've mentioned. Here's an overview of popular social media platforms and some tips on how to utilize them for your business:


    Because of the constant increase of its active users, Facebook can guarantee vast exposure of your brand and also guarantee site traffic. It's also really great for showcasing your corporate culture and brand persona as you can share updates, photos, videos and long descriptions of your brand. But what really sets Facebook apart from other social networks is the fact that it can be used to organize events, send out invites/reminders and even design polls! 


    I know what you're thinking… Why sign up for a Twitter account when Facebook can simply do the trick and even provide you with more features? Well, what you don’t know is that most of Twitter's active users rarely use Facebook or any other social networking platform and vice versa! This means that signing up for a Twitter account can provide your brand with even MORE exposure and customer engagement. Additionally, Twitter is considered great for sharing news, discounts, and sales announcements in short messages that customers are more likely to read.


    What's really special about Google+ is that, in addition to the photo and video sharing features, it can be integrated with the Google search engine; which means that it's the best platform for SEO improvement goals.


    Moving towards image-centered social media platforms, Pinterest is a photo and video-sharing social network that can provide you with excellent brand exposure, and even site traffic due to its openness in contrast with Instagram. If your brand's target audience is women, you should keep in mind that 80% of Pinterest's active users are females!


    This location-based social network which enables you to claim a venue or a location for your business and enables its users to check-in at these locations using their smartphones, can be great for increasing business awareness and exposure. How? Simple. Foursquare allows users to share their check-ins on other social networks (like Facebook and Twitter), and even enables them to provide tips, which will drive their friends and followers to try the places where they've checked-in at or recommended. Foursquare also enables you to share information about discounts, offers, and even specials to first-time or frequent customers.

    After choosing the platforms that best suit your business needs, both time and effort must be allocated into maintaining a loyal customer base, building and online reputation and constantly increasing people's awareness of your brand. Hire copywriters, graphic designers, and content managers if necessary to keep up with customer engagement and the development of your brand.

    Need help establishing an online marketing strategy? Contact us, and we'll guide you through it.