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  • 6 Jobs that No Longer Exist

    By CrysTelCall On Technology Comments March 16, 2014

    6 Jobs that No Longer Exist

    Due to great technological growth and development in various fields, nowadays a lot of jobs have become so rare to the extent that people are starting to think they've gone extinct! This works both ways however; as computers and advances in communication and transportation technology rendered a lot of jobs as useless, it also brought forth a lot more. A few of the obvious jobs that were significantly altered by technology would be typewriter, pager and VCR manufacturers and every job in the Telegram business, but there are a lot more jobs that are on their way to extinction.
    For example:

    • Film Projectionists

    For all of you who don’t know what a film projectionist does, he is basically the man who sits in the projection booth and operates the projector at the movies. The introduction of digital cinema projection however, helped in eliminating the projectionist's job entirely!


    • Milkmen
    Back in the day, a milkman's job was extremely vital in everyday life. But with the development of refrigeration and preservation methods and as they became commonly used in every household, the milkman's job slowly disappeared.


    • Telephone Operator

    A telephone or switchboard operator's job mainly revolved around connecting people's phone calls. Now with computerized dialing systems, many telephone calls which previously required a live operator can be placed automatically without the additional human intervention.


    •  Radio Actors

    Apart from regular radio shows, voice actors (sometimes called radio actors) would entertain listeners by playing out skits in the form of radio movies or series. TV came to existence and as it became more popular, radio was losing its popularity and eventually radio acting faded out. 


    • Elevator Operator

    Sure it may sound like there's not much work to it, but believe it or not, in the old days elevators had to be operated manually and the operator had to use levers that stop the elevator at a precise moment to make sure that it was level with the floor. Nowadays all elevators are provided with sensors and operate automatically. 


    • Lamplighter

    The name of this position says it all! A lamplighter was an employee of a town or a city that was responsible for lighting hundreds of street lights manually every evening using a ladder or a long pole. Today a lamplighter is an extremely rare job ever since electric lights were invented and used on streets.


    What other jobs do you think will become unnecessary due to technological development? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section.