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  • To LinkedIn or not to LinkedIn

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments March 20, 2014

    To LinkedIn or not to LinkedIn

    Different than any other social networking site due to the fact that it's solely designed for professional networking purposes, LinkedIn enables its users to create an online professional identity to stay (or get back) in touch with colleagues, faculty and classmates, seek job opportunities, business deals and get the latest news and inspiration to excel at what they do. Companies can also use this leading online professional directory to post news and information about the company and even job listings!


    Just like we can add people or follow them on other social networks, on LinkedIn, users can add connections who share the same interests or professional expertise to share knowledge, strike up conversation and also to get answers to some burning industry questions they might have.


    Danah Boyd, social media researcher at Microsoft, believes that "what happens online is you are constantly dealing with invisible audiences". So what better way to professionally market yourself in your field than LinkedIn? Well, it gets even better. The purpose of the site is not only building professional relationships and connecting with other users, but also to maintain these relationships and turn them into job opportunities!  A LinkedIn profile page is designed to serve the purpose of a resume; so if you were looking forward to sharing photos from last year's surprise birthday party or some funny cat video, then we have bad news for you.


    The site is mainly focused on the individual and his/her accomplishments. It has an entire section dedicated for jobs and recruitment where users can search for job opportunities for free; however, posting a job listing costs around $145. Companies that are hiring can seek out job seekers by searching LinkedIn and using the suitable keywords and filters to get the best candidates and then contacting them. Entrepreneurs can use the website to search for potential partners and vendors and even clients.


    So there you have it, with this great list of tips you'll be able to get the most out of LinkedIn. We truly believe that LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools job searching and also for keeping your career on track and signing up for an account is definitely worth giving it a shot.


    What are your thoughts on having an all-professional networking website? Would you sign up for a LinkedIn profile? Let us know in the comments section below.