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  • Land Your Dream Job Using Social Media

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments March 27, 2014

    Land Your Dream Job Using Social Media

    "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" –Confucius.


    We all know that seeking a job is not an easy task, let alone seeking your dream job! And we all have one, whether it's with a certain company, a certain field or even a certain position. The process of applying for a job has changed in the last few years; however, one of the greatest tools that can help us with this task nowadays is social media. We've taken LinkedIn as an example of a professional-based social media platform in an article last week, because we believe that it's a great way for recruiters and potential employers to skim through information about your skills, experiences, accomplishments, roles and interests. So, we advise you to give social media a chance, and consider these great methods for utilizing LinkedIn in your hunt for your dream job.


    1.  Complete your profile
    The most important advantage that a LinkedIn profile has over an ordinary paper resume, is the ability to delve into details about your roles in previous positions, previous employers, education, experiences,
    presentations, special projects, certifications, courses… etc. This will also increase the chances of your profile appearing in search results. So make sure that you fill in all sections of your profile and feel free to go into extensive detail and to make your profile unique instead of copy-paste boring.


    2.  Expand your connections network
    Since it's an all-professional platform, the more connections you have, the more business bonds and visibility you gain on the website. Users with 50+ connections have more chances of appearing on the suggestion box and in search results. What are you waiting for? Put yourself out there; send out connection requests to the people that work in companies you'd like to work at, ask them about vacancies, policy and core values of the company or any other inquiries you might have.


    3.  Don't forget your career summary
    It's the box that is at the very top of your profile, and the name sort of explains itself. All you have to do is scribble down vital information that you'd like to highlight (in case a recruiter did not scroll down your whole profile) make sure you use the space right; do not make it too long, pay attention to your choice of words and by all means, keep it mistake-free.


    4.  Update your profile constantly
    Every time you update your profile; make sure you add something new. Use relevant keywords that potential employers might look for throughout your profile, add titles and explain what you do and what you have to offer.


    5.  Follow the companies that you'd like to work for
    You'll receive notifications about news, updates, developments, discussions, job-openings. You can connect with current employees and get to know them a little better to get some insight about the company.


    6.  Ask for recommendations
    You can ask colleagues, clients and even your old professors to recommend you on LinkedIn or even endorse your skills. Recommendations will appear on your profile page for recruiters to see, they'll add value to your profile because they will highlight your skills and abilities from a different perspective.


    LinkedIn can always be used as a platform for finding a job, search for available positions by typing in relevant keywords and by refining your search using filters (title, location, level of experience, salary...).


    Need help in boosting your LinkedIn profile? Get in touch for more great tips.


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