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  • How to successfully close deals over the phone

    By CrysTelCall On Outsourcing Comments February 13, 2014

    How to successfully close deals over the phone

    Closing a deal is usually the most crucial and challenging part in any sale representative's job and without a doubt, knowing the right techniques will help you in the process of developing your company's business. Sure, it's not easy to close a deal over the phone, especially with the pressure of talking to a complete stranger and making sure you seal the deal before hanging up! When we're talking about business in the Middle East, we must keep in mind the great diversity within the region, so here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help you seal your next deal over the phone:


    Always be prepared.

    And by that, we mean making sure that you know the name of the company, office or person you're talking to and a little bit about what they do. You can easily research this information beforehand using Google or any other search engine. But what's even more important than researching your client, is knowing your product! Be prepared for any questions the client might ask about your product.


    Be precise, yet friendly.

    After you make sure you're talking to the appropriate person, tell them exactly what your product is all about. Stay confident and steer the conversation. Don’t let the client ask you a bunch of questions to find out what YOU'RE selling.


    On to the next one.

    Barry Farber, an American sales consultant and speaker, suggests that one thing you should keep in mind before attempting to close a deal over the phone is "know[ing] when to walk away". All sales representatives accept the fact that not all calls will result in a sealed deal, and you may have to make several calls before you're given the chance to explain your offer and talk about your product or service. In case your product or services do not meet the client's needs, thank them for their time, wish them a nice day and go on to the next call.