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  • Contact Centers vs. Call Centers

    By CrysTelCall On Outsourcing Comments March 30, 2014

    Contact Centers vs. Call Centers

    Most of us would get confused once we read the title above, because the terms call center and contact center are being used interchangeably nowadays! Fortunately, the days of confusion are over, as we've decided to bring the difference between the two centers to light. The difference between a call center and a contact center lies in the means of providing customer service.


    A call centers is specifically designed to handle telephone-based traffic (telephone calls), whereas a contact center uses multichannel strategies (e-mails, VoIP telephony, faxes, click-to-chat, and video chat, social media, Webchat and of course phone calls) to provide customer support. And to help clear the confusion even more, we suggest you follow this simple equation to tell the difference between centers: All contact centers are call centers, but not all call centers are contact centers. Like everything else, the digital age has revolutionized modes of communication; consequently, more and more call centers are now expanding to become contact centers.


    But even though the difference between a contact center and a call center might seem slight and overlookable, when it comes to choosing a center to manage the customer relations for you business this minor difference becomes considerable. Since contact centers rely on broader communication architecture, they efficiently provide support in the means that is most convenient to each customer.


    At CrysTelCall we integrate state of the art technologies and tools to enable our agents to work more effectively, deliver the best customer service and technical support and ensure that our customers are satisfied around the clock.  And as Jordan's first independent, multilingual contact center, a large number of our regional and international clients also trust us to perform their sales and marketing, research and analysis, information and data managementsocial media services, contact center consultancy and contact center training.


    Although call centers cost less than a full contact center, they are limited to handling phone calls only. As we all know the Internet never sleeps, and customer service centers must be prepared for customer contact at any time, that’s why contact centers easily ensure customer satisfaction as their customers can contact them using one or multiple interaction methods to make sure their inquiry or complaint is submitted.


    Adding to the above, instead of waiting for long periods of time on hold, customers nowadays prefer to interact with customer service centers via e-mails, texts or social media posts; as they're cheaper and faster means of communication than phone correspondence only.


    Which method of communication do you normally prefer when contacting your customer service center? Let us know in the comment section below.