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  • 5 Remarkable Inventors You Probably Never Heard Of

    By CrysTelCall On Technology Comments April 06, 2014

    5 Remarkable Inventors You Probably Never Heard Of

    Take two ideas and put them together to make one new idea. After all, what is a Snuggie but the mutation of a blanket and a robe?" -Jim Kukral, author of Attention! This Book Will Make You Money.


    A lot of us often take common objects that we use every day for granted, without thinking how they ever came to be or how would our lives be if they never existed. Every once in a while, we like to celebrate ingenuity and creativity by listing some inventions that were once ideas and now an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Here are 5 outstanding inventors who hold patents for objects that make our life easier every day:

    • Hymen L. Lipman made every student's life easier when he introduced the first pencil with an attached rubber eraser on top, in 1858. Although rubber erasers existed way before his time, Lipman made sure that people won't lose their erasers ever again by combining pencils and erasers in one structure.


    • Mary Anderson was granted a patent for inventing a device that cleans car windows automatically in 1903. Operated by the driver from inside the car, this device later came to be known as windshield wipers! Before this brilliant invention became a standard equipment in every car, drivers had to stop every few miles in order to wipe the windshield manually whenever it rained or snowed.


    • James Goodfellow changed the banking industry forever when he came up with the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), an automatic cash dispensing system, which customers can use to access their bank accounts outside of office hours, weekends or holidays, by inserting a card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which he also invented.


    • Ermal Fraze is the first thing that should come to mind whenever you open a can of soda from now on. Why? Because he was the man behind the creation of the "pull-tab", an opening tool that is attached to the can itself and allowed drinkers easy access to their beverage. Before the "pull-tab", soft drinks' packaging required customers to purchase a separate can openers to access the drink!


    • Margret E. Knight was granted her first patent out of 26+ others in 1871, for inventing an attachment to paper bag folding machines that folded and glued them to form the flat-bottomed bags we know today. 


      Did we forget your favorite invention? Tell us which idea you think has developed to be an indispensable invention, in the comments section below.