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  • 5 Tips to Improve Performance at Work

    By CrysTelCall On Customer Experience Comments April 03, 2014

    5 Tips to Improve Performance at Work

    Customer care departments are the main point of interaction between the brand and the customers, and are also considered to be essential for the growth of a business or brand as they can make a real difference when it comes to gaining or losing a customer. A customer care agent's job mainly revolves around handling a variety of tasks, like selling or promoting a certain product or service, handling customer complaints, support issues and inquiries.


    A contact center's main priority is providing quality service to its customers and in order to do that, they need reliable agents that not only demonstrate knowledge but also competence by following policies and procedures. But even if you combine that knowledge with a set of excellent soft skills, it still wouldn't be enough! For the key to excellence is constantly improving and polishing those skills and knowledge. Our most experienced agents were more than happy to outline some of the best practices to improve work performance:


    • Be the right man in the right place.

    Make sure you know your weaknesses and strengths and employ those strengths in a position that matches your expertise. For example, agents with sales closing abilities are better off in telesales or telemarketing departments, while others with issue solving skills and self-control might excel in customer support!


    • Practice multi-tasking.

    One very important thing agents need to work on is working under pressure and performing multiple tasks at once, because let's face it, contact center agents are always under pressure whether it was because of the constant monitoring, the prompt nature of their job or even the confinement of space. In addition of course to answering calls, e-mails, Webchats and social media!


    • MORE empathy, MORE professionalism and MORE accuracy.

    An excellent agent realizes that s/he will deal with different types of customers on a daily basis, and that s/he must also demonstrate certain degrees of empathy with the customer and care about solving their issue depending on each customer.


    Staying professional here means staying calm, and polite. Always remember customer interaction etiquette: ask customers how they prefer to be addressed and address them accordingly, don't speak before they finish speaking and when you do speak make sure you smile a lot (even if it's not a face-to-face interaction)  because smiling makes the tone of voice more happy and positive.


    Pay extra attention to the speed and level of accuracy of your performance, because all customers expect a fast and efficient reply to their inquiry or complaint. Being too quick while interacting with a customer, on the other hand, or cutting them off while they're still speaking to save time will show you off as rude and abrupt. If you feel the interaction is taking too long try to pick up the pace by inputting information to the system quicker, for example.


    • Know your stuff.

    Make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the product or service that your company is offering, as this will improve your performance drastically! Being familiar with the product or service you're marketing and knowing more about it, will help you in answering any question thrown your way about it. Use these details in finding ways to sell the product or service to the customer or in resolving issues concerning it.


    • Take a breather.

    We left the most important tip for last. Take a break whenever you can, sit back, relax and focus on what you've accomplished already, not on what's yet left to do. Taking some time off to relieve stress and refuel is extremely necessary for excellent performance at work.


    Would you like more tips for improving performance? Contact us, and we'll provide you with more great tips.