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  • 5 Products that Should Be Invented

    By CrysTelCall On Technology Comments April 10, 2014

    5  Products that Should Be Invented

    Have you ever wondered why haven't anyone invented a printer that can print out ready-to-wear clothes? Think about it! We already have 3D printers, internet and advanced software that can make this possible!


    They say that "Necessity is the mother of invention", that is why since the beginning of time, Man's need for transportation encouraged him to utilize different animals for that purpose till he invented wheels, ships, planes and even rockets. And the necessity for communication urged him to create the various means of communication till he invented a way where we can see each other with a click of a button even if we were continents apart.


    Having said that, we believe that what's great about technological advancement is that it opens up a lot of doors for yet more development and growth. But between the invention of space satellites and genetic engineering methods, we can find a lot of simple inventions that made everyday-life easier for us.


    So, we would like to invite you to take a look at some inventions that we believe can make our everyday life a lot easier and should have been invented by now since we already have the technology to make them:


    ·        Reverse Microwave.

    A device that can chill and freeze foods and beverages in a matter of minutes. Faster than a fridge or freezer and safer than liquid nitrogen.


    ·        Tangle-free Headphones.

    Do you ever suspect that a mini knotting expert sneaks into your pocket or bag and tangles your headphones every time you put them there? We spend an average of 3 minutes untangling our headphones every day before use. It's an annoying and frustrating process that all of us deal with!


    ·        Waiter Call Buttons at Restaurants.

    Why not? Airplanes have them for calling flight attendants! Having the same technology in restaurants can take the whole experience to a brand new level. Not to mention that it's very efficient for both the customers and the staff.


    ·        Copy/Paste Pen.

    A pen shaped device that allows us to scan a certain paragraph, store it on a microSD memory and print it on paper. We're not talking about pocket-sized scanners (which do exist), the difference between the two is the lack of a computer or a printer medium. We can just print the selected text straight from the device anywhere anytime!


    ·        Sent E-mail Retriever.

    An option that allows people to delete an e-mail they've sent before the receiver gets a chance to open it. We've all thought about this at some point. Why isn't this a thing already?


    Do you have any ideas for other problem-solving products or software that should be invented by now? Share them with us in the comments section below.