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  • What to Consider Before Taking the Job?

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments April 15, 2014

    What to Consider Before Taking the Job?

    Being happy at work goes hand in hand with being successful at what you do. That’s why, when considering a job change whether this change was in position, company or even industry it's important to review your career goals and ask yourself the right questions in order to find a job that fits you the most. Start by figuring out your passion and what you seek to accomplish in life, the next step is identifying your key skills and field of experience, and finish off by determining which work environment you'll feel most motivated by and comfortable with to help make up your mind.


    To help you out, we've collected some key factors that every job hunter must consider to help him/her evaluate job offers and determine if a certain job is right for them or not.


    One important factor you must consider is how can this job move you forward on your career path and not take you on a detour away from where you want to be. So before signing the contract, ask yourself: "is there room for growth and advancement within this position or company?". Career growth does not necessarily mean a promotion or a raise; it may sometimes be a chance to work with a different group, department or even city!


    So, now that you've had your resume noticed by a potential employer and you've been offered a job, you would want to take some time to think about if you're going to be comfortable at this new job. Besides the salary and benefits, you need to keep a lot of factors in mind while evaluating job offers. For example, consider the location of the office or company; is it far away from your residence? How much is it going to cost you to get there? What about the dress-code? Do you have to wear a suite and a tie every day? How long is your lunchtime break? What is the vacation policy? After all, you are going to spend 8 hours a day there; you might as well be comfortable.


    One way that can help put things in perspective for you is to request a document that cites your job title and outlines your tasks so you would know what you're expected to accomplish every day.  


    Last but not least, do some research and find out what sort of culture you'll be working at. Does the company have a competitive vibe to it? Does it embrace innovation and creativity?  Use websites like Glassdoor to find out what the company's mission statement is, as it provides you with reviews from current employees to give you an inside look of the company and its environment. You can also use LinkedIn to follow the company for the latest news and connect with its employees to get some pointers, information about the company's goals, values and even about the people who held the position before you!


    Can you think of other important factors to consider before accepting a job offer? Let us know in the comments section below.