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  • How to Boost Social Media Engagement

    By CrysTelCall On Technology Comments April 20, 2014

    How to Boost Social Media Engagement

    The crucial role that social media plays in improving any business has nowadays become a well-known fact; as it increases the exposure and awareness of the products or services that a business consists of. So, we can consider social media to be free marketing tools. It also helped in shedding the image of unapproachable brands by opening a chance for brand-customer engagement.

    But simply signing up for social media profiles is not enough! It is extremely important for your business to have a well-managed, active presence online by inviting customers to engage in the topics they find relevant or interesting. That’s why we came up with these tactics, which are often overlooked, to help you boost your social media efforts:

    ·        Visuals.


    1.    No matter what platform you're using, on average, images tend to get more likes, comments and shares; as they stand out better than links, videos and status updates on timelines. For example, if you are planning on posting a quotation, attaching a picture to it will significantly increase its chances of shareability by fans and followers. So apparently, in the world of social media, a picture is really worth a thousand words!


    2.    If you're looking for further increase in engagement rates, we advise you to focus on sharing large, clear images that will generate response (funny, inspiring, provoking… etc). Or better yet, ask users to share interesting pictures or videos with you.


    3.    Uploading an image and inviting your fans and followers to caption it in the ways they see fit, is one of the easiest ways to boost social media engagement. We believe that "memes" will work best if you're planning to follow this approach, because they're funny, easily recognized and everyone can identify with them.


    4.    Post a mash-up of two pictures, and ask your followers to "like" if they vote for the first picture or "comment" if they vote for the second one. The images can either be relevant to your business or simply a contrast between coffee and tea.



    ·        Text.

    1.    Users are more likely to read and engage with tweets and shorter posts than relatively long ones.


    2.    While the use of emoticons can boost engagement; you should always be mindful of emoticon etiquette. If you're discussing a serious topic, the use of smiley faces and emoticons will definitely backfire on you.


    3.    Never shy away from using #Hashtags; as they'll help in expanding your post's visibility to wider audiences and increase awareness of a specific product, service, campaign, contest, event… etc.


    4.    Spark a dialogue with your customers by asking them simple questions (which one of your products do they prefer? how or where do they use a certain product?...). This will provide you with better insight into customer preferences and will also involve them and get them to respond to your posts.



    ·        Interaction.

    1.    It's always a great idea to involve your customers in your social media content, and make them part of the conversation. But that's not where interaction between a business and its customers end. Always bear in mind the golden rule: Never ignore users who take the time to mention or write about your business! Call attention to customers who tweet or promote your business online, acknowledge them by likes, retweets, shares or favorites if you don't feel the need to reply.


    2.    Another great tactic that can help to boost your social media engagement is holding contests and fun quizzes online. We think this approach is brilliant simply because it gets users to visit your profile regularly to check whether they have won or not, or to check if you're holding another contest or quiz and it also reward those who actually interact! But don't forget to highlight or call attention to the contest winners online.


    3.    One way that is almost guaranteed to generate likes and shares is sharing helpful tips about one of your products, or other ways to make the best out of your services, or even a tutorial video to teach people how to use a product. Trust us on this one.


    4.    We've mentioned above the importance of acknowledging compliments, but what's even more important is acknowledging and responding to user complaints. It's perfectly ok to consider your social media profile to be a customer service hotline. But make sure you respond to all comments, complaints and questions promptly and suitably; after all, your sole goal is to create satisfied customers. If the by any chance the customer's issue could not be resolved online, contact them or direct them to specialized customer service reps.



    It's important to note that there's no ONE right way to do social media, but there are a lot of wrong ways. So, the key to an impeccable social media strategy is by doing your homework and researching your audience and customers, and experimenting with content, form, approach and so on; to generate the engagement and response you're finally seeking. 


    For more information on how to increase social media engagement, get in touch now!