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  • 6 Tips to Improve Your Contact Center

    By CrysTelCall On Customer Experience Comments April 22, 2014

    6 Tips to Improve Your Contact Center

    We all know the great impact that customer experience has on a business, for it's the interaction between the customer and your company. That's why, customer service departments and contact centers are not only responsible for delivering exceptional customer service, and they also gather and process information from customers that help the business improve products and personalize services.


    So, in order to create an overall better customer support, you should first improve your contact center's practices and service programs to keep up with the evolution of communication technologies and strategies. That's why we would like to share with you some tips on how to make your business become more customer-centric; starting by improving your contact center to provide proactive service and support:


    1.  Monitor

    Supervision or monitoring is considered to be a great strategy that managers follow in order to maintain high-quality performance standards, improve customer support and also identify problems across their contact center.


    2.  Review

    Make sure that the phone scripts and the list of FAQs are always up to date and reviewed constantly, to avoid giving out dated or old information. Also check for the use of customer-friendly language, service and product names in these scripts and FAQs guides to encourage your agents to use them.

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are also in need of periodical review and adjustment depending on changes in the environment. Call attention to the metrics that you want to measure, whether they're quantity or quality-related and make sure that your employees and agents understand each metric, their significance and how they're measured.


    3.  Simplify

    When designing IVR menus, less is definitely more! Prompts and menus should be simple and straightforward; as they should not require further explanation. You should also keep in mind the length of the process as long IVR menus tend to leave customers bored and frustrated.


    4.  Analyze

    We've mentioned the importance of monitoring in improving a contact center (see 1), and we believe that monitoring and responding to customer feedback your social media platforms can go a long way in identifying the main issues and weaknesses, within your center effectively. It is as if you rang through to your own contact center!

    So make good use of your online communities by analyzing customer feedback to help you improve your service, sales, and even your business as a whole. Train your agents on using social media to provide support and engage with customers online.


    5.  Communicate

    Let your agents' voices be heard; always make way for fresh ideas and suggestions from your agents and employees on what improvements they'd like to see. Not only do these suggestions provide you with a fresh perspective on key processes that need improvement in your contact center, it also gives agents the incentive to make more effort to improve as well when they see that their ideas were heard and implemented. Take care of your agents, and they will (in turn) take care of your customers, it's as simple as that.


    6.  Hire

    If you're wondering whether there is a "right" way to hire agents and employees, there is. We suggest you start hiring applicants based on their soft skills, because they're hard to teach, while job-specific skills can be easily acquired through training and experience.


    Looking for more strategies to help you drive success to your contact center? Contact us, and we'll be of help.