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  • Tips for a Winning Social Media Strategy

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments May 13, 2014

    Tips for a Winning Social Media Strategy

    In the world of social media, change is inevitable! And because social media platforms are in nonstop evolution; marketing experts believe that a great marketing strategy involves constantly keeping an eye out for new upgrades and new technologies, and then adjusting your approach and strategy accordingly in order to fulfill your objectives. Between acquisitions, applications, new features and discontinuations; the transformation of social media demands putting in great efforts to leverage your business's online exposure, traffic, optimization and interaction.


    In the last couple of years, Twitter has rolled out a new web design and enabled users to send/receive images in direct messages (DMs), Pinterest added a "categories" section and it also allowed their users to create "secret boards" where the content of such boards are restricted to other users, while LinkedIn enabled a "mention" feature so that contacts could mention each other in posts to get them more engaged. Facebook on the other hand, introduced #hashtags, verified pages, the ability to upload multiple images per post and to reply to comments on fan pages; which in turn has improved conversation quality. Google+ is a relatively new platform and so their most notable upgrade would be the release of a new layout that included: bigger image displays, streamline view, separate sections for description, links and contact information.


    In order to stay current with social media's evolution, we came up with a bunch of hacks to yield the best marketing results:



    • Facebook

    -      Issue online contests and challenges

    -      Ask questions and create polls

    -      Share "How to"s (videos, images…)

    -      Integrate a location map

    -      Utilize the analytics feature


    • Twitter

    -      Share news updates

    -      Monitor trends for current events

    -      Invent #hashtags exclusively for your brand or business

    -      Use SEO keywords in tweets

    -      Share special deals and offers


    • Google+

    -      Organize similar followers into circles and share content with them separately

    -      Make the best out of all Google tools including Google Analytics

    -      Encourage followers to +1 to improve Google search visibility

    -      Include #hashtags


    • LinkedIn

    -      Check out InMaps to recognize the relationship between your connections

    -      Ask for recommendations about your business

    -      Create business connections (clients, partners, sponsors…)

    -      Utilize the analytics feature


    • Pinterest

    -      Share pictures that explains the uses of your product or service

    -      Share others' content as much as your own

    -      Upload pictures of products

    -      Hold "best picture" contests and encourage followers to submit their own pictures



    Check out our Dos and Don'ts articles to improve your brand's social media presence and engagement. Or contact us, so we can provide you with the latest social media marketing trends.