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  • Recipe for an Awesome Logo Design

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments May 18, 2014

    Recipe for an Awesome Logo Design

    "Your goal is not to make an image. It's to make a statement" -Tom Asacker.


    Logos are the chief visual component that acts like a graphical manifestation or display of a brand's unique identity within its target market. That's why, Just like your brand's name, its logo is a crucial element too as it is considered to be the "face" of the business and it is featured on everything from stationery, products, websites, business cards to all advertising material! And it also acts as base where various fonts, colors and design choices in all other aspects of the business are derived from.


    Not only does a well designed logo make the brand look more professional, it also acts as a visual image that helps customers to recognize your products and services. And since it's easier for human beings to remember a complex visual component than to remember a long sentence or a paragraph, having a unique logo will make your brand more memorable and will set it apart from competition, while not having a logo will make your business look generic and amateur.


    There are three types of brand logos:

    1. Textual: uses letters, words or any related text in unique fonts, shapes, colors and sizes.
      Example: Walt Disney. 

    2. Illustration: uses abstract designs or symbols.
      Example: Apple. 

    3. Combination: uses a mixture of text and illustration.
      Example: Starbucks.


    Unlike a brand's name, a logo design is not set in stone; it is always prone to redesigns and modifications to keep up with the latest design trends. Of course, there's no such thing as a "perfect logo design", but there are some guidelines that include choices of color, visual elements and even typography, that you can follow to make sure you end up with an amazing logo.


    • The first thing that you need to consider is that brand logos are versatile; and they should be put on everything that carries the brand's name. Whether it was used on a street billboard or a pen, your logo needs to scale to different sizes, mediums (print, web…) and colors (black and white, color…).


    • Since we're on the topic of color, it's important to be mindful with your color choice for the logo, as different colors invoke different emotions and responses. A basic rule of thumb would be to keep the colors as simple as possible, an ideal number of colors would be 2-3; because a complex design with a ton of color is more expensive to reproduce and harder to remember. Try this little experiment: picture the Google logo in your mind and try to remember what color is every letter. It's not as easy as it looks now is it?


    • "Good design is as little design as possible", and we agree with Dieter Rams as well; for when it comes to logo design, simplicity IS paramount. Don't over-complicate the design with too many details, colors, text and fonts; as it will not be easy for potential customers to comprehend it or remember it for that matter! A simple design must be easily sketched with pencil, so there's no need to overdraw or clutter your logo with various special effects, illustrations, shadows…etc.


    • Take some time to research the brand's history, products, services, current trends and competitors to give you some insight before settling on a logo design. Decide on what you want your logo to say about your brand or business (personality, values, background… etc.), come up with an original concept or idea and stay away from visual clichés.


    • With the technology available at our disposal nowadays, designing your own logo has become easier than ever. You no longer have to spend a fortune to hire a designer to come up with a logo.


    Is there a certain logo design that you think is interesting? Share it with us in the comments section below.