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  • How to Employ Hashtags in your SMM ‎Campaign

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments May 20, 2014

    How to Employ Hashtags in your SMM ‎Campaign

    We've discussed in a recent article what hashtags are and just how important they are to social media marketing campaigns (SMM). They are mainly used to improve online exposure, viral reach, SEO and social engagement. And learning the two main types of hashtags, has paved the way to introduce even more creative ways in which brands can strategically implement this amazing tool in their SMM campaigns. Simply follow these amazing techniques of hashtagging to help up your game:



    • Create your own marketing campaign hashtag and use it as a form of promotion to generate extended reach, awareness and engagement. Ask people to use it in their posts, tweets… etc. when they submit ideas, contest submissions, pictures or even jokes!
      Pro Tip: Use geo-targeted hashtags eg: #Jordan, in order to be seen by and interact with local potential customers.



    • Before creating a brand or a campaign hashtag word or phrase, research multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook) for the same hashtag. If it's already been used, don't embrace it.
      Pro Tip: Always create relevant but unique hashtags. Never go with a common phrase or word and focus on your brand's name or tagline for the best results. Eg: Nike's #JustDoIt campaign.



    • Besides choosing a unique hashtag, an important thing to keep in mind is choosing one that is short and easy to spell and to pronounce so that people can remember it and use it correctly.  Acronyms are very commonly used in hashtags, eg: #TFIOS which is what people use when they're tweeting about the movie "The Fault In Our Stars"; but they're often not understood by everyone.
      Pro Tip: Try something more original and unique like the hashtag that Justin Bieber fans use: #Beliebers which is a mash up of the words "believers" and "Bieber"!


    • In order to generate some buzz around your brand or your new marketing campaign, try to connect with more people on social networks by tapping into what they're interested in. 


    1. Check out what hashtags are being used by your followers or competition, and join the discussion. Utilize ridiculously popular weekly hashtags, like #FollowFriday (#FF) to show off your loyal followers, or #ThrowBackThursday (#TBT) to showcase your brand's history.
    2. Catch real-time trending topics, global events or celebrations like The Oscars, The Olympics, Earth Day, The World Cup…etc. and find a clever way to introduce your brand into the conversation.


    • Don't hesitate to use hashtags to cater your customers better on social media and provide excellent customer support.
      Pro Tip: Use hashtags like #AskCrysTelCall to respond to any complaints or inquiries online.


    Want to improve your social media presence? Contact us, and we'll provide you with the best practices.