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  • Why should you Start Blogging?‎

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments July 13, 2014

    Why should you Start Blogging?‎

    Technically speaking, a blog started out as an online space where people can share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions in the form of articles called "blog posts", in the 90s. However, when you fast-forward to 2014, blogs became essential for business growth and a vital part of any marketing strategy. Whether the blog posts that your business share were informative, entertaining or promotional; blogging is guaranteed to increase your business' digital presence.


    Nowadays, more and more businesses are utilizing blogs for various reasons that include:

    • Driving website traffic

    By creating relevant content, you give people a reason to visit your website which in turn increases the leads that it receives. Make sure you post articles that will interest your customers or followers, and don't shy away from linking the articles to each other and to other specific pages in the website.

    • Increasing Search Engine Return Page (SERP)

    One of the best ways to increase the rank of your website in search engine results is to blog about your business' industry, products or even customers' lifestyles. For example, if you manufacture or sell dairy products, some ideal topics that you should blog about must concern health or cooking.

    In order for your blog to help you improve your website's visibility and SEO, you need to incorporate essential keywords (that you want your customers to find your website with) into your blog posts.

    • Building industry credibility

    Providing the readers with tips, solutions and valuable information will position your business as expert in the industry and will consequently keep people returning for more and even encourage more visitors. Blogging also helps in promoting your business. For when you blog about your company's culture, mission, vision, principles, services…etc. you convince potential clients that your business is the best choice.


    One thing to keep in mind that might double or even triple your blog post views, is the need to share the content on different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+Pinterest LinkedIn…etc.), that way you can give your followers a chance to visit your website. Make sure you use attractive and compelling titles and images and focus on the topics that interest your audience.


    Need help growing your business? Contact us, so we can provide you with the best practices.