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  • How to Increase Engagement through ‎Questions

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments July 17, 2014

    How to Increase Engagement through ‎Questions

    We know that coming up with a perfect social media content strategy that offers the fans and followers value takes a lot of time, effort, research and experience. If it was done right, however, it gives you permission to throw a promotional post every once in a while. Contrary to popular belief, a great social media content strategy does not necessary revolve around the number of posts. It's all about the quality of the posts that you invite your fans and followers to view.


    That's why; aligning your customers' interests with your business goals is always the first step to take before deciding on what type of content you should be posting. Asking questions is a common technique that brands use to strike up conversation with their social media followers and get them to be more active and engaged or even to receive honest feedback.


    Suppose that you own a juice and smoothie business, here are 9 ways you can get your followers to interact and engage on social media through asking questions:



    1.   What's your favorite flavor of [brand name]?

    This type of questions is direct, straight to the point and also helps with receiving customer feedback.


    2.   Is blueberry, your favorite flavor of [brand name]?

    This type of questions not only gives feedback on products, but can double as a promotional post. Customers who haven't tried the mentioned product will feel the urge to try it.


    3.   What do you drink more fresh juice or soft drinks?


    4.    What do you think of our new tropical fruit flavor?
    This question also another way to ask question number 2.


    5.   True or false: Orange is the most common flavor of juice in the world?

    True or false questions are great for engagement, customers will comment to give their answers, while others might like the post if they learn a new fact.


    6.   If you were stuck on an island, what flavor of [brand name] would you choose to drink?

    A creative way of receiving feedback about the customers' favorite products.


    7.   Who is attending [event] tomorrow night?

    This is a great for promoting a certain event you're hosting.


    8.   What was your favorite moment of [event]?


    9.   What's favorite thing to eat with [brand name]?


    We don't have to remind you that social media marketing (SMM) is not about your business, but about your customers. And that you should acknowledge the followers who comment, like, share… your posts. After all, they are the ones that co-create content. A small gesture of acknowledgment (retweet, like, favorite…) or a shout-out goes a long way and it also encourages them to engage regularly.


    For more information on how to increase social media engagement, get in touch now!