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  • Customer Service Tips

    By CrysTelCall On Business Services Comments August 19, 2014

    Customer Service Tips

    Customer service can make or break your company's reputation.  Bad customer service will send your customers looking for #service elsewhere, while good customer service keeps your customers coming back.  Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve your customer service.

    Read and learn from the following customer service tips.

    Maintain Professionalism

    #Professionalism is an essential component of #quality customer service.  Speak to your customers in clear #language, avoiding slang, jargon, or acronyms that your customers may not understand.  Address your customers by last name unless you are given permission otherwise.  Be respectful at all times; do not allow a customer's anger to influence your behavior.  Do not respond to angry customers with sarcasm or anger.

    Ask for Help

    Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it to address a customer's concerns.  If an issue is outside your skill level, refer the customer to someone who can address that issue appropriately.  Sometimes, you do not need to hand over an issue entirely; instead, have another person walk you through solving the customer's problem.  This gets the customer's problems solved and teaches you how to solve the problem for the next customer.  When you are dealing with an angry customer, ask a manager to help; the fresh face often calms the customer so a solution can be reached.

    Be Proactive

    A good customer service #agent is #proactive when dealing with customers.  Do not settle for simply addressing the concerns the customer raises.  Identify issues that may cause problems for the customer down the line.  Address these problems to save the customer from needing repeat contact.  These proactive actions turn an event that could result in an angry customer into an event that impresses the customer.

    Be Dependable

    Dependability is essential to good customer service.  Dedicate yourself to meeting all of your customer's needs and solving issues correctly the first time.  If you tell your customer you are going to do something, follow through.  Keep the customer up-to-date about your progress towards a resolution or any delays in services.

    Use a Customer Satisfaction Survey

    When someone makes contact for an issue, follow up with a customer satisfaction survey.  Keep the survey simple and consider offering a reward for its completion.  Ask if the customer's complaint was addressed and if the agent had good customer service skills.  Include the option for the customer to identify things the agent can improve and things that were done well.  Keep the survey anonymous, but include a tracking code to link the survey to the #customer #service agent that is being reviewed, so that the agent can learn from the survey results.

    Give your customers great customer service by using professional language and staying respectful even when the customer is not.  Ask for help when dealing with angry customers or problems you cannot handle.  Identify issues that may cause the customer problems in the future and resolve them before the customer complains. Follow through with all customer complaints and follow up with a customer satisfaction #survey to learn from the customer's experience.