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  • Ways to Increase Sales Online

    By CrysTelCall On Marketing & Sales Comments August 27, 2014

    Ways to Increase Sales Online

    Whether you have just started a business or have been around for 20 years, you need a strong online sales presence.  More people are turning to the Internet than ever for comparing products and prices, and you need to make sure your business offers what they are looking for if you want to get plenty of sales.  Fortunately, there are lots of effective ways to increase sales online and get your business booming.

    These tips will get you started.

    Get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Smart

    The first step towards increasing your online presence is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Regardless of what industry your business is in, #customers have to find you to buy from you.  The higher your business ranks in online search results, the more people will visit your website to see what you have to offer.  To increase your rankings, update your website and social media frequently, leave positive comments on other websites in your industry, and answer questions visitors leave at your online mediums.

    Make Social Media Your Friend

    If you do not already have social media accounts for your business, you need to make them immediately.  You do not need a page for every available outlet, but you should at least have a Facebook page and a Twitter account in addition to the website.  Millions of people use these sites every day, multiple times a day.  Whether your demographic is 20 to 30 year-olds or 35 to 60 year-olds, people are online and commenting through the Internet and #social_media constantly.  Take advantage of this.  Post product photos and FAQs and tell people a little bit about you and the company.  It builds credibility and trust.

    Always Offer a Deal

    Everyone loves a bargain.  There are millions of searches every month for coupons and deals.  Give your customers something to catch their eye when they visit your Twitter page or website.  Offer a code for 10 percent off a $30 purchase, or if they buy four T-shirts they get a fifth one free.  When times are tough financially, people are drawn even more to a bargain.  It will increase your sales online if they find one.  Change the deals on a regular basis to give people something to keep coming back for.

    Try Targeted Emailing

    Your goal is to make current and potential customers crave more information, because that can lead to more sales.  Use an opt-in email subscription with a good incentive, such as exclusive discount codes or special offers.  Send newsletters or product updates to people on the list, along with the exclusive savings.  Do not do this too often, however, or it will lose its effectiveness. Once a month is a good sweet spot.  Never sell or give away their information, either.  People do not like to feel cheated or tricked.

    Freshen Things up

    Go look at the websites of some of your biggest competitors.  Now look at your website again.  If it seems lackluster, it is time for an online makeover. Hire a professional if you can afford to.  Your image is everything online, and if you do not have a strong, pleasing website, you will be passed by even if your products or services are better.  Make sure the site is easy to navigate and gives enough information about what you offer.  Pretend that you are a potential customer.  If you would not buy from yourself, other people will not want to, either.

    It does not have to be complicated or costly to increase sales online.  The goal is to draw customers in and offer them something they consider valuable. Keep your online presence engaging and appealing, and pay close attention to visitor feedback.  Deal with any negative issues professionally and promptly, and make sure the #customer is satisfied.  These strategies will give your business a boost that will generate more online sales.