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  • 10 Signs You're Successful

    By CrysTelCall On Research & Analysis Comments September 10, 2014

    10 Signs You're Successful
    You Know Your Value

    Even if you are working under someone else, you realize just how vital you are to the general welfare of your company. You know that without your input, success for the company may be difficult.  However, you do not overestimate your value.

    You Have a Strong Support System

    The people that help you get through difficult times are some of the most important in the world.  By keeping them close, you know you will always have a strong support system.

    You are a Positive Thinker

    Even when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge, you always focus your mind on the positives that can come out of the challenge.  This positive attitude ultimately helps you overcome all challenges.

    You Know How to Deal with Failure

    Having experienced setbacks and failure before, you have come to realize that they are inevitable from time to time. You've learned that failure and setback are part of self-growth

    You Celebrate Others' Victories

    Whether it is your colleague or friend, you have come to embrace their success and celebrate with them.  This shows you are mature enough to support others just as they support you.

    You Live a Rich Life

    Even though you may not be making millions, your life is quite rich.  You have good friends and acquaintances who fill you with joy and help you enjoy life.  You love your job, and you would never trade your life for all the money in the world.

    You're not Afraid to Ask for Help

    Whenever you are in need of help, you do not let your pride get in the way.  You simply approach someone you know is capable of helping you out.

    You Have Passions

    It may look like you are a long way from achieving your ambitions, but you still pursue them passionately. Your passions and ambitions give direction to your life.

    You Find Meaning in Your Work

    As you wake up in the morning, you realize there is an important role you play at work.  When you get off in the evening, you go home knowing that you have done your part well.

    You Set and Achieve Goals

    You have a clear set of goals and time for achieving them.  These goals enable you to set your schedule and have in the past enabled you to achieve tangible results.