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  • Dress for Success with Your Interview Suit

    By CrysTelCall On Research & Analysis Comments September 15, 2014

    Dress for Success with Your Interview Suit

    An interviewer has already formed some serious impressions about you before you have even said hello just by looking at your clothes.  Interview suits create an image of someone who is professional and conscientious, or they can get you dismissed as sloppy and careless.  If all other things between two candidates are fairly equal, the person who looked and acted the best will get the job offer.

    Make sure that your clothes are the best they can be with this guide to getting suited up.

    DO: Look for classic clothes

    When it comes to #interviewing, traditional outfits are best.  It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.  Get black or navy blue suits in solid, muted tones.  Your button-up shirts should be solid white and not have any logos or other embellishments on them.  There is a time and a place for wearing that orange and green-checkered shirt, and that time is not at an interview.

    DO: Opt for easy care interview suits

    If you are doing some serious job-hunting, you may be going to interviews several times a week.  Having high-maintenance clothes may not be a good fit for your lifestyle, so choose suits that you can care for easily at home.  Clean, non-wrinkled outfits show that you care about yourself and how you look.  Buy some wrinkle-free, no-iron shirts and pants that are machine washable.  Try to select jackets that are machine washable as well.  That way you can be ready fast for an interview.

    DO: Get properly fitted clothes

    Even if you buy famous designer clothes, chances are they will not be a perfect fit.  A little looseness can be compensated for with a belt, but if your jacket shoulders swallow you up or your pants are too tight, you will need to get your clothes altered.  Many dry cleaners offer alterations or you can find an alteration shop in your area.  Clothes that do not fit right will not feel right and make for a poor appearance.

    DON'T: Think you have to spend a fortune

    If you are in a good position financially, the good news is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a good outfit.  There are many #quality suits available at deeply discounted prices at outlet stores.  

    DON'T: Forget the finishing touches

    When you find your perfect interview suits, there is one thing you should not forget: the accessories. Having a great suit is not enough to save you if your shoes are dirty or scuffed.  Polish or brush your shoes.  If you cannot get them looking good with some cleaning and polishing, get a new pair.  You should also mind your socks; wear socks that do not look threadbare or have holes.  Your tie should be clean and your belt should be polished if it is leather

    DON'T: Go suit-shopping at the last minute

    Unless you get a call for an interview in an hour, you should have at least one day to prepare.  Do not wait until just a few hours before your interview to go shopping for clothes.  You may not be able to find something in the sizes and colors you need right away.  This means you could have to visit several stores, which will take up more time that you could have spent preparing for the interview itself.  Go out a day or two before.  Even better, have your suit already before you even get called for an interview.


    Job interviews mean you need the best possible image to present to the hiring manager.  Showing up in a well-fitting suit, with everything clean and pressed, shows the interviewer that you take pride in your appearance and you are serious about the job.  Make sure your interview suits will fit the bill before you even step outside your door.  Get your appearance down pat and it will give you a huge confidence boost.