Customer Service & Technical Support

Front Office


Customer care, order management, billing, complaints, escalation and service changes. 


CrysTelCall excels at delivering world class onshore and offshore outsourcing solutions; allowing each and every company to focus on its core business.



Collections, payment and claims processing, verifications, validations, data entry, account maintenance and transcriptions.


Technical Support

Product and service support level I and level II, service requests and service dispatch.

CrysTelCall works to minimize the hassles associated with supporting your customers while reducing your overall costs.  We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed specifically to handle the essential day-to-day support needs, in multiple languages 24X7, which includes an extensive range of IT expertise.
Wifi, Residential and Commercial


Hotel & Conference Center, wired and wireless




Telecom voice and data


Web services and Web Hosting


Software & Hardware


Corporate Network Help Desk

To maintain high standards of customer care service delivery you will need an experienced and trusted outsourcing partner that can add value to your operations. CrysTelCall provides every client with statistical feedback and insight to achieve business objectives and key performance drivers; allowing our clients to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.



We have dealt with CrysTelCall in numerous occasions to implement various outbound campaigns including research surveys and studies, data analysis and collection, and several...More
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