Sales & Marketing

Inbound & Outbound Telesales
Order processing, cross-selling, up-selling and service upgrades.
Our experienced agents provide a high quality response to customers’ inquiries, concerns and sales requests designed to improve the relationship between customers and their organizations.
Lead Generation
Qualifying leads, appointment scheduling and information gathering.
CrysTelCall can handle companies’ lead generation services by passing qualified prospects and leads to your inside sales teams for closing the sale.  It is the smart strategy that will build sales faster at a lower cost of acquisition.
Campaign Management
Email, SMS and voice promotion management with campaign effectiveness measurement.
CrysTelCall can deliver a company’s complete marketing campaign by integrating all marketing channels, such as email, SMS and voice promotion with our live agents.
Product and service marketing, customer segmentation and customer notifications. 
CrysTelCall’s technology allows us to handle any type of outbound campaign appropriately with the use of a dialer.  Our agents can interact seamlessly with your potential customers; increasing time to market, revenues and market share.

CrysTelCall has been our arm in conducting various research studies including KIA’s Sales and After-Sales Surveys; as part of KIA Motors Corporation yearly quality control....More
''KIA Motors – National Arab Motors''
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