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While CrysTelCall stands out for its human resource advantage in terms of its skilled labor and multi-lingual agents, CrysTelCall also is unique for integrating its state of the art technologies and tools to enable its agents to work more effectively, deliver faster and more accurate information and ensure all KPIs are monitored and customers are satisfied around the clock.


Utilizing an all IP Contact Center solution from the global leader Avaya, CrysTelCall is able to help deliver consistent repeatable results for all customers.  In addition, CrysTelCall’s architecture provides self service solutions, business analytics and a complete multi-channel communication solution that meet the most stringent needs of your business.

Some of the tools utilized at CrysTelCall include:

Multi-channel support (voice, email, chat, fax and SMS)

Full IVR self service capabilities using text to speech and speech recognition

Screen popup for incoming calls

Workforce management (scheduling, forecasting, quality monitoring and screen captures)

Dialer solution for outbound services 


Voice over IP (VoIP) for long distance and international calling with TDM backup


Proactive Outreach Manager for automating outbound campaigns including voice, email & text.


High security implementations on both internal and border networks for encrypting voice and data communication between CrysTelCall and its clients as well as conducting regular security audits

Multiple redundant international gateways with SLAs provide continuous uptime and a fully managed outsourcing service.   


CrysTelCall is a great example of the power of emerging markets and their contribution to the regional call center industry. The Jordanian company grabbed our jury's attention...More
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