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At the process of ensuring a superlative service experience to keep our customers satisfied and loyal, CrysTelCall has leaded this area successfully. Moreover, the significant competitive advantage we got from our outsourcing experience with this wonderful OSP, is an exceptional online support to our GCC users, resulted from CrysTelCall’s reliable platform and trained team in place.


Our online support has been aligned with systematic content development process.  CrysTelCall has helped us keeping our content fresh and make sure that information we provide online is perfectly consistent with what our call center is conveying. CrysTelCall has helped us listen to customers more, and handle their needs quickly, so website can be easily navigated.  We have been rewarded the right principles, practices and tools, and most importantly cost and content efficiencies.


Call Center Manager, Sukar.com


CrysTelCall is a great example of the power of emerging markets and their contribution to the regional call center industry. The Jordanian company grabbed our jury's attention...More
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