''Orange Jordan''

Orange Jordan took the right decision by entrusting CrysTelCall with one of its core business functions namely the customer care and the call center support of its 1777 mobile activity.  CrysTelCall's dedication to its work, coupled with its accuracy, efficiency and passion to delivering superior outsourcing services, resulted in being a great asset to Orange.   Due to the success resulting from outsourcing the inbound customer care support to CrysTelCall. Orange Jordan decided to expand its outsourcing services to CrysTelCall to include various fundamental outbound campaigns.  Orange looks forward to continuing its partnership with CrysTelCall and evolving it even further.


CEO, Mr. J-F Thomas


As our strategic partner for customer service outsourcing, CrysTelCall has been providing us with quality and excellent service since our launch. One of our strong points is the...More
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